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sorry peepz! the journal is being changed over to friendz only. leave me a comment, and i'll think about adding ya!

rules to adding:
1. leave a comment
[those who do not comment and just add me, run the risk of NOT being added back!
i usually don't have time to check my info everytime i'm on]
2. leave comments
[i like to feel loved, please leave me comments! i'm going to leave comments on yers]
3. no talking shit about me
[i'm not going to go to yer journal and bad-mouth you...don't do it to me! (this includes my music tastes, thoughts, poems, etc...) if it sux, just say it need to crush what little self-esteem i've got!]
4.if you don't like it, don't read it!
[simple enough!]
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wasn't this always friends only? lol damn NyQuil get's me confused
I luva u!! Add your Roomie!!!!


April 13 2003, 02:08:18 UTC 14 years ago

hmmm..well i would like to be added..but i dont have a live i guess i cant read it?

please! :)....have a livejournal now....:)
yaaaay! i added ya dear! :)
All right. Sounds fair. :O)
Hey girlie. I was just wondering if you could spare one extra claim for your fave roomie in the whhoooooole wiiiiiide world???? Hee. If you can.... lemme claim Alkaline Trio :). Thanks babe... luv uuuuuuuu! :)

i started up a community for depswa and since you list them on interests, i thought i'd invite you to join. depswa. hope to see you there. if not, then just ignore me. take it easy.

i saw taproot in concert and met them the day b4. they're awesome. they r reallll down to earth ppl. can you please update the claim something's claim list soon tho...bcuz i really want Jesse Lacey. lol thnx hunn
dang..howd u make that friends only thing? thats so awesome!

I would like to add you and have you add me in return... :)
ooh...i found your lj randomly!! how do you get the friends only thingy to do that..its mad rad!
you are the only other person [besides bendmebreakme] that has Something More Than Nothing and Upon Us on their interests. Therefore, I added you.
I have a live journal... does that make me cool enough to be your friend??
hey! i saw you had evoka as an interest. i just formed evoka... check it out.