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you're my blessing in disguise

blessing in disguise

webmistress of:
blessing in disguise
[taproot breathe]

maintainer of:
moonchyle <-- TR community

stephen richards
pulse ultra
chester bennington
"mirror's reflection" by [taproot]
"i" by [taproot]

pulse ultra
stephen richards
linkin park

i'm not any dork...i'm SUPER dork!
*busts out cape and lets it fly in the wind*

self proclaimed taproot whore

i ♥ [taproot]!

~ you're my blessing in disguise you make me realize just how and where i want to be years from now ~

* like a star i'll shine every night *

¤ i found myself again it feels great i can't believe i lost control of my fate! ¤

"I don't lie in dreams, I lye in my sleep, I don't sleep to dream, yet everything that I see is haunting"
1 nite stand, 11 months, 311, [adult swim], again & again, alkaline trio, apedosmil, april suits, art, bass guitar, beaches, believed, birthday, blue, blue-sky research, blue-sky research/what's left, bracelets, breathe, brits, calling, can't not, candles, cartoons, chino moreno, cigarettes, comeback, concerts, cowboy bebop, day by day, deftones, dorks, dots, dragged down, drawing, dreams, driving, emotional times, empire records, everything, eyebrow piercings, facepeeler, fault, fear to see, finch, flatline, foamy the squirrel, forever endeavor, gift, glassjaw, godsmack, guitars, gummi bears, hackers, heartscarved, hoodies, i, ill nino, impact, invader zim, jarrod montague, jay and silent bob, justice is blindfolded, kingdom hearts, labret piercings, lifer, like, linkin park, lost in the woods, lostprophets, lowlife, mallrats, mentobe, metaphysical, meter fairy, mike dewolf, mine, mirror's reflection, music, musicians, myself, negative rein4sment, nightmare, now, penguins, phil lipscomb, photography, pictures, piercings, poem, promise, promoting, pulse ultra, rave pants, sambas, scapegoat, sevendust, she, shine, shows, skateboarding, sleeping with ghosts, slipknot, so eager, something more than nothing, sound control, starbucks, stars, stephen richards, stickers, street teaming, sumtimes, sushi, swift, taproot, tattoos, thriftwhore, time, tr, upon us, vegetarianism, video games, violent seas, web design, welcome, when, white pony, with you, writing, writing music, writing poetry, ,